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My Story

My name is  Pri Saboia, I´m a Luso-Brazilian designer  and a Permanent Resident in Canada .
My work is inspired by my love for nature, travelling (88 countries so far) and outdoor activities.
With over 17 years of experience in the textile print business  working for big and small companies around the globe,  I'm committed to creating images that inspire others to go outdoors, take care of our mother earth, make people happy, and overall brighten their mood. 
Travelling the world  exposed me to different ideas, cultures, flavours , colours and textures that ended up sparking my interest in the world of print and surface design .
Through my artistic skills I create bold colourful designs showcasing my passion and respect for the forests,  mountains, oceans, animals and  outdoors lifestyle.
I stand for a green lifestyle and love working with like minded people and companies.
I believe that visual artists and designers like me hold the key to influencing successful social and cultural conscious people and initiatives.
Nature is an infinite source of ideas and I often say that  Mother nature is my Guru.

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