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Since I was a little girl I had 3 of my greatest passions figured out (drawing, travelling and nature ), not necessarily in that order. Travelling around the world  (88 countries so far) ,exposed me to different realities, ideas, cultures, flavours and colours, sparking my interest in the world of print and surface design.  Travelling also opened up my eyes and soaked me up with empathy. Growing up in a family where giving was an important part of education it was natural to me to look for a way to give back. Drawing is the way I found to document my journey and help the world. My designs are a reflection of my love for nature and time spent outdoors. I stand for a green lifestyle and ethical business practices. I´m proud to say that I have being lucky enough to work with like minded people and companies. I believe that nature is an infinite source of ideas and I often say that Mother nature is my Guru. ​


Whistler, BC

+1 (604) 9071605


"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than seeks "

John Muir

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